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Shake Flashlights Buying Guide

Manufacturers & Retailers:

Since being introduced a few years ago, shake flashlights have become very popular. This has inspired several copycat products. Below, we list some of the more well known (and presumably reputable) manufacturers and retailers of shake flashlights.

Applied Innovative Technologies Makers of the original, NightStar brand shake lights.
Excalibur Electronics Importers of the Forever III, Extreme and others.
First Alert ® This respected company carries the Eternal flashlight.
Generation Gear Distributors of the Shakelight:60.
Sharper Image Carries the HUMMER® brand light and others.

You are also likely to run across an assortment of cheap, foreign-made knockoffs. Be wary of the quality of these items. Even the quality of the products from the above companies can vary considerably. Be sure to some of reviews below before making your buying decision.

Shake Flashlight Reviews:

NightStar Review

We hope our other reviews will be up soon. In the mean time, check out the reviews at the sites below.

Stu Olson's Jeep Site An outstanding, in-depth comparison review of several popular models including the original NightStar, the NightStar RS, the Forever Flashlight, & the Hummer Shakelight.

Nightstar Reviews: Has several NightStar reviews as well as other batteryless light reviews.

LED Museum Reviews of a NightStar with a green LED. A review of a NightStar with a comparitive mention of a Forever Flashlight. A couple of user reviews at the bottom of the page. Several user reviews. Shows several magazine reviews.

Other Reviews:

Led Museum Review of a Diamond shake flashlight. Review of a Forever Flashlight. A few user reviews of the Hummer brand light. Another Forever Flashlight review. Offers user reviews on several models. Search for "shake flashlights" or a particular model. Offers a few reviews of a couple of brands.

If you know of a good shake flashlight review that's not included here, please let us know about it using the contact us link in the menu above. Thanks.

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