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Other Batteryless Flashlights

In case you were wondering, shake flashlights are not the only batteryless lights in existence. In fact, shake flashlights are relatively new compared to some of the products below that have been around for decades in one form or another.

dynamo flashlight
Handheld Dynamo Flashlight

The handheld dynamo flashlight generates power as you squeeze the handle back and forth. These lights are typically noisy when generating power and your hand may get tired after using them for a while. Several people report that the ones from the far east are rather poorly made and can break easily. If you're interested, try to find one made for the Russian military since they seem to be made to a much higher standard.

Crank flashlights are just what they sound like. They have a small crank on one side and several minutes of cranking can produce light for up to one hour or more if it uses LEDs. These also come as all-in-one devices that contain a flashlight, AM/FM radio and possibly a shortwave receiver or other electronics built-in.

crank flashlight
Crank Flashlight
solar flashlight
Solar Flashlight

A more recent technology is the solar-powered flashlight. As the name suggests, it captures energy from sunlight over a period of time (usually several hours) to produce an hour or more of light.

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